Life In The PR Lane: Blessings come in many forms. I was blessed with the opportunity to consult Polo playing multi-millionaire Satinder Garcha (Forbes #48 of the richest people in Singapore)a life-changing moment.

During my 2-week stay, I gave a PR presentation to his marketing department, created and implemented a social media campaign to promote the grand opening of the 5-star hotel in Singapore. I’m proud of our efforts which led to the entire team earning the #1 Trip Advisor 2016 Title. Congratulations to everyone on also winning Travellers’ Choice 2017! 

As a foreign guest, I was treated with the utmost respect and treated like royalty. They received me in their penthouse suite. Over the weekend, I was invited to stay over at their private mansion which is breathtaking. I was also offered VIP tickets to attend the Art Stage Singapore.

As a foodie, I absolutely enjoyed eating my daily breakfast downstairs at the upscale 50s-themed restaurant, Vagabond Restaurant and Bar.

As a nature lover, I enjoyed seeing and photographing Mr. Garcha’s personal horse collection at Singapore’s official Polo club. 

One of my trip’s favorite moments was attending the premiere of Mr. Garcha’s documentary “Under The Turban” where I learned so much about the Sikhism culture and its impact on the generations:

Parallel to meeting iconic people and award winning journalists, I learned from the brightest minds in business and from various industries. This trip changed my perspective on everything.

Special thanks to his wife Ms. Harpreet Bedi Garcha for her hospitality, wisdom and showing me the best time one can have in Singapore. I traveled the globe but their hotel truly felt like home. The Garcha Family has a real savoir-faire. I absolutely recommend paying their hotel a visit.

If you must get in trouble, do it at the Vagabond!