Gadigal Country, Sydney, May 17, 2024 – Dynamic contemporary First Nations electro-soul trio Bow and Arrow have just released their highly anticipated new single, “Triad.” This electrifying track, which dropped on May 17, draws listeners in with its unapologetic intensity and captivating allure, offering a grimy, hard-hitting, sensual experience.

“Triad” delivers a visceral journey through the complexities of love, embracing the irresistible allure of passion with bold confidence. The song hooks and reels listeners in, blossoming into the rarest flower, an ode to those who embrace love in all its forms: the obsessive, the curious, the fearless, the courageous, the passionate, and the bold. It serves as a reminder to be cautious and not fly too close to the sun.

The band, composed of talented artists from the Wiradjuri, Ngunawal, Ngambri, and Gamilaraay peoples, crafted this track during the first lockdown in Sydney. As the city shut down, Bow and Arrow moved into their recording studio, spending countless nights jamming and writing music. They often took their music to the streets, playing for vagabonds and creating unforgettable, impromptu performances that made the uncertain times a little brighter.

Bow and Arrow’s unique sound comes from their fusion of modern and traditional instruments, creating an unforgettable live experience. The trio is known for their monster vocals, big rhythms, electro beats, live sampling, and looping, as well as incorporating the traditional languages of the Wiradjuri and Gamilaraay peoples.

Having played at major festivals throughout Australia, including Parrtjima, Homeground, Byron Bay Blues Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Boomerang Festival, Spirit Festival, Bigsound, Blaksound, and SXSW Opening Concert, Bow and Arrow have established themselves as a powerful force in the music scene. They’ve graced major venues like The Factory, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Parliament House, and The Australian Museum, and have a cherished relationship with The Sydney Opera House, earning the nickname “The Sydney Opera House House Band” for their performances at ‘Badu Gili.’

Their notable live performances include an extraordinary session from the Joan Sutherland Opera Theatre during lockdown for the ‘Our House To Yours’ digital special, and numerous live appearances on NITV, including the Jan 26 ‘Sunrise Ceremony’ and a stirring rendition of Archie Roach’s classic ‘A Child Was Born Here.’

“Triad” is available now on all major streaming platforms. For more information about Bow and Arrow, their music, and upcoming performances, visit their website and follow them on social media.

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