JoDavi’s New Song “I Won’t Go” Empowers Listeners to Overcome Challenges

Los Angeles, CA – March 18, 2023 – Rising artist JoDavi is back with a powerful new single that will inspire listeners to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Titled “I Won’t Go,” the song is a powerful anthem that showcases JoDavi’s dynamic vocal range and ability to craft songs that resonate with audiences. […]

Chris Weaver Band And Jacob Bryant Release New Single “Circus”

NASHVILLE, TN – The Chris Weaver Band and Jacob Bryant have teamed up to release a new single titled “Circus” in March 2023. The song, co-written by Weaver, Bryant, and their fellow songwriters, is an upbeat country-rock anthem.The Chris Weaver Band is a Nashville-based group known for their high-energy performances and soulful sound. The band, led […]

Country singer Jutt Huffman Releases New Single “Today We Drink”

 – Jutt Huffman, the rising star of country music, has just released his latest single “Today We Drink.” The song is now available on all major music streaming platforms. “I’m so excited to finally have released “TODAY WE DRINK” and even more pumped that it got up to #53 on the iTunes chart even though […]

Blue Mountain Tribe Releases New Album

Following the success of their award-winning first album “All Our Relations”, the all indigenous blues rock band is back with their long anticipated second album “Oh Great Warrior”. The album was recorded and produced by Bruce Robb at Hollywood’s world famous Cherokee Studios all analog in the classic blues tradition and was released 11/11/ 22 Blue […]

Sheila Jackson and Natasha Mccrea Become First Black Women to Own Whiskey in California

California, USA – Sheila Jackson and Natasha Mccrea have made history by becoming the first black women to own a whiskey company in California. Their company, named « Jackson McCrea, » aims to bring diversity to the traditionally male-dominated whiskey industry. The two women have been long-time whiskey enthusiasts and were inspired to start their own company […]

Why You Still Need A Publicist In 2023

Lately, we have heard some people tell us that they do their own publicity.  But they are barely generating impressions, have no reach or awareness, and no press placements. A publicist is still very necessary in this day and age. The role of a PR has greatly expanded, and can now be quantified. With the […]

That time I represented one of the richest men in Asia & fell in love with Singapore.

Life In The PR Lane: Blessings come in many forms. I was blessed with the opportunity to consult Polo playing multi-millionaire Satinder Garcha (Forbes #48 of the richest people in Singapore), a life-changing moment. During my 2-week stay, I gave a PR presentation to his marketing department, created and implemented a social media campaign to promote […]