Singer-Songwriter, Jen Ambrose, is excited to share the release of her new album, Plenty Of Nothin’ To Do, which will be available world-wide and on all digital platforms on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

Plenty Of Nothin’ To Do is “Nouveau Blues.” blending Blues, Jazz and Americana styles. The overarching narrative of the album is love – love that is lost, unrequited and jealous, love that is passionate and enduring and loving in all its messy, beautiful and raw aspects. You’ll also get the opportunity to hear the amazing talents of her studio backing band. The songs feature the smooth production and musical magic of the LA backing band that creates a strong soundscape for Jen’s intimate and passionate vocals.

There is a theme of perseverance that is part of the back story behind the creation of this album. The first obstacle came in the guise of Covid. Most of the songs were written by Jen Ambrose and co-writer and producer, Ken Orsow through a process of bouncing ideas back and forth – over the phone – while the world was in Covid isolation. It was a laborious process but by 2021, the album was complete and ready for release that September. Then came the next set-back. Jen was diagnosed with vocal polyps after a busy Summer of singing in hazardous smokey conditions (due to the wildfires that blanketed the West Coast in 2021). She was forced to be on vocal rest and the album release was stalled.

Now, after much healing and a lot of perseverance, Jen Ambrose is back to singing again and Plenty Of Nothin’ To Do is finally ready for release!

Here is the list of songs:
Track 1: Under Your Spell
Track 2: Plenty Of Nothin’ To Do
Track 3: Love & Money
Track 4: Rainy Day
Track 5: Sit Down, Daddy
Track 6: Crazy Love
Track 7: I Draw The Line
Track 8: Heart Of Stone
Track 9: Loving You
Track 10: Familiar
Track 11: Please Me

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