Singer-songwriter Kyla Tilley is set to release her latest single, “Skate Punk,” on March 15, 2024. This captivating track offers a fresh perspective on toxic masculinity, narrated from the viewpoint of a fish, the skate, in an underwater world.

Tilley’s inspiration for “Skate Punk” stemmed from a songwriting prompt that centered around skateboarding terms. Drawing from her coastal surroundings and knowledge of marine life, Tilley ingeniously crafted a narrative that addresses issues of posturing and bullying, typically associated with toxic masculinity, within the context of skate fish mating grounds.

“I found myself writing from the point of view of a lady skate who is fed up with the macho antics she witnesses every mating season,” Tilley explained. “She longs for a mate who embraces their underwater environment, riding the rip tide and performing daring tricks on the ocean waves.”

The recording of “Skate Punk” embodies simplicity and authenticity, featuring Tilley’s signature blend of classical and electric guitars, subtle bass lines, and mesmerizing vocals. Mixed and mastered by Julian Squires, the track captures the essence of the skate’s graceful yet rebellious nature.

Accompanying the release of “Skate Punk” is stunning cover art and graphic design by Julian Squires, adding visual depth to Tilley’s evocative storytelling. The single will be available on all major streaming platforms.

“Skate Punk” marks another milestone in Kyla Tilley’s illustrious career, showcasing her ability to weave thought-provoking narratives into captivating musical compositions. Fans of Tilley’s unique style and storytelling prowess are eagerly anticipating the release of this innovative single.

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