April 24, 2024- Miss Storm, the rising star in the music industry, released her highly anticipated single “Lights Camera Action,” featuring the talented artist Jae Mazor in March. This captivating collaboration promised to deliver a fresh blend of R&B and hip-hop vibes, bringing back the essence of the beloved 90s era.

The inspiration behind “Lights Camera Action” stemmed from a spontaneous studio session where Miss Storm and her producer, known for their dynamic duo as “Hellz Yea!,” were exploring tracks for her upcoming projects. While initially working on a hip-hop project, Miss Storm couldn’t ignore the persistent requests from her fans for more R&B songs. It was during this creative exploration that she stumbled upon a slow, seductive track that instantly resonated with her.

Driven by her passion for the music of the 90s, Miss Storm decided to infuse the essence of that era into “Lights Camera Action.” With her producer’s encouragement, they envisioned a duet with a male artist to complement the track’s mood. Thus, the collaboration with Jae Mazor was born.

“Jae Mazor and I got in the studio, and it was magic from the start,” Miss Storm recalls. “We spent about two hours bouncing ideas around until ‘Lights Camera Action’ emerged as a hit. The synergy between us was undeniable, and we knew we had something special.”

“Lights Camera Action” transports listeners to a world of sultry melodies and captivating rhythms, painting a vivid picture of romance and allure. The chemistry between Miss Storm and Jae Mazor shines through every verse, creating an irresistible musical experience.

The journey doesn’t stop with the release of the single. Miss Storm and Jae Mazor are gearing up to film a music video that promises to elevate the song’s narrative to new heights. With their shared vision and creative prowess, the music video is expected to be a visual masterpiece that perfectly complements the essence of “Lights Camera Action.”

The song is available on all digital platforms.

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