HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI — May 15, 2024 — Award-winning artist Miss Storm is making waves once again with her latest single, “Come And Play.” This catchy upbeat southern soul record is already igniting airwaves across the southern states of the United States, capturing the hearts of listeners with its infectious melody and relatable lyrics.

Produced by multi-platinum producer Heart Beatz and executive produced by Ladric Kelly of OnLive Entertainment in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, “Come And Play” is a testament to Miss Storm’s versatility as an artist. While she has made her mark in hip-hop and R&B, this new track dives into the depths of Southern soul, delivering a powerful message drawn from personal experiences.

Miss Storm shares the story behind the record, revealing, “Ladric has been suggesting that I write a Southern soul record for years, but I always put it on the back burner. However, during my separation in 2024, I decided to write a letter to my ex, and it turned into this melodic tune that everyone can relate to.”

The song delves into Miss Storm’s real-life experience with her ex-fiancé, exploring themes of prioritization and self-worth. “He was a workaholic, and his job came before everything. Although he was a good man, he didn’t make me a priority in his life. After years of communicating this and being patient, I decided to put myself first,” Miss Storm shares.

Drawing from her extensive career in the music industry, Miss Storm brings authenticity and depth to “Come And Play.” With a legacy spanning over two decades, Miss Storm has collaborated with a multitude of renowned artists and labels, earning nominations and awards for her song placements.

Beyond music, Miss Storm is a dedicated philanthropist, serving as the founder of The M&M Foundation, an organization aimed at uplifting and educating youth in urban communities aspiring to enter the music industry.

Known for her humble demeanor and infectious smile, Miss Storm embodies empowerment and growth, both in her music and her advocacy. With “Come And Play,” she encourages listeners to embrace their experiences, promoting mental health and unity through her art.

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